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Outer Life

“While coming back to his home, the man had stopped off at a store and picked up a place mat of the solar system. It had all the moons, the asteroid belt, and nine planets, including the now demoted Pluto, his favorite. He liked to imagine himself on the icy surface shooting flares out into space. ”

BULL: Men's Fiction


“Friday night is suicide night and we’ve been coming the last five weeks. My buddy and I took the mountain rail and now wait on two people to fall into the pit. We’ve brought lawn chairs. We’ve paid 4000 Yen for six visits. So far twelve people have plunged into the hole, wide as two football fields, so deep you can’t see the bottom.”

Interview: BULL: Men's Fiction - About Mihara

The Best of Every Day Fiction

Good News, Bad News 

“I sat completely still on the couch, a statue, my hand holding the winning lottery ticket. The machine had selected seven random numbers and rewarded my indecision with a new life.”


Poetry On Buses - National Public Radio 

'We' - poem featured on NPR

Audio available if you follow the link

Other Selected Fiction

Glimmer Train - 'First and Last' - short story - Awarded 'Honorable Mention' in the 'Very Short Fiction Contest'  October 2013

quiet Shorts - 'Outer Life' (print) - January 2013

Every Day Fiction - 'Life from the Perspective of a Smashed Piece of Gum' - December 2011

Clive Cussler Adventure Writer’s Competition – ‘English as a Second Life’ – novel – Top-5 Finalist

The Storyteller – short story (re-print) – ‘Loving Should Be Easy’ – published January 2005

The Arrowhead – short story – ‘Loving Should Be Easy’ – published Fall 2002 (winner of the Martha Morehead Award for best work of fiction - Catawba College)

Other Selected Poetry

The Best of Every Day Poets Anthology – ‘The One That Got Away’ – published September 2010

The Arrowhead – ‘War Water’ – published Spring 2003 (Winner: Poem of the Year)